Safety Program


Commitment to Safety

T.C. Holzen Inc. is committed to providing a drug free, safe, healthy workplace.  We coach and train our employees, seasoned and new alike, on a daily basis on how important safety is in the work environment. Each employee is trained and complies with all company safety standards, as well as local, state, and federal safety regulations.

Safety Management

Safety at T.C. Holzen is not taken lightly. In fact it is important that every employee from the President to Laborers take the program seriously because we can only be as safe and as strong as our weakest link. It is our goal to make sure that there are no weak links and to work and operate accident free. While we hope that we never have to use our Accident Reporting program we have put one in place to establish a guideline to cover the requirements of reporting and investigating an accident, which also includes “close encounters” and “near misses” in the work environment. It is our Safety Coordinators duty to document and maintain this program and has full authority to make decisions on behalf of the employees and company to ensure the safety and success of this plan. In addition to the Accident Reporting program we also have put in place a Discipline Policy that further motivates employees to work safely. It is a four step policy starting with a verbal warning and ending with termination. T.C. Holzen Inc. has a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe practices.


New Employee Training

T.C. Holzen Inc. believes it is crucial for each new member of our Team to go through a safety orientation and training to prepare them for work in the field. The training helps enable employees to be able to better recognize and avoid possible hazards and also informs on OSHA safety laws. Each new employee receives their own “Safety and Health Manual” which covers a wide variety of Safety and Health topics, 26 in total.

Company Safety Meetings

At the start of each week there is a company safety meeting conducted by our Safety Coordinator. We believe it is crucial to start each week with a reminder of safety. The goal is to remind each employee of the importance of safety on a weekly basis so that we might prevent any accidents from occurring.

Safety Training Program

Each employee at T.C. Holzen is required to complete safety courses in all areas concerning our work. Employees take courses to obtain “Competent Person” status in the following fields: Confined Space Training, OSHA 10 Hour, OSHA 30 Hour, Fall Protection, Aerial Lift Training, CPR/AED Training, Excavation and Trench Safety Training, and more yearly training exercises that pertain to the work of T.C. Holzen Inc.

Drug Free Work Place

T.C. Holzen Inc. is a drug free work place. We have a quarterly random drug test program established with MedWork Occupational Health Care.