Soil Stabilization

Not every site has optimal qualities in terms of soil type and structural capacity. This is only a small hurdle for our team, as we are able to self-perform multiple applications of soil stabilization. With experience in both lime and cement stabilization we can turn an unfavorable building site into a rock hard ready, for stone base site. Equipped with a CMI stabilizer, water trucks, padfoot and smooth drum rollers we can stabilize up to 2 acres per day depending on the site. We have also started to use a cement slurry application in the past few years and are one of the few contractors in the area to perform this method. This application style is much more commercial/industrial area friendly as it reduces the dust that comes with stabilization to nearly ZERO. If you are thinking about building in an area with business or residential areas nearby and need to stabilize the existing material, contact us for a quote!